I am an interdisciplinary artist from Long Island City, NY, whose works encompasses fine art photography, video, drawing, drawing, hand-made artist books, altered cartography maps and collage.  Both my digital editions and one-of-a-kind pieces veer between the abstract and figurative. 

I have a collagist's mentality that allows me to continually incorporate and interpret ‘found subjects/objects’ that often have contradictory and diverse points of view. I work across different mediums because within my conceptual and intuitive processes, content dictates form. 

Another aspect of my work is collaborating withartists and writers.  I like how collaborations push me in differentdirections, open up new avenues of expression and resulting work is somethingeach one of us couldn't achieve on our own.  

I have been and continue to develop my interest in developing a personal aesthetic using art for social issues.  

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