Familial Ghosts, Equity Gallery, Lawrence Knight Projects, NY, NY (Upcoming ) 
2020 In Praise of Strong Spines, Tussle Projects
2015 Dream Streams, 5th Annual NYC Poetry Festival, Governors Island, NY

SpringBreak 2022, New York, New York
2022 Equity Gallery, New York, New York 
2022 What's the Urgency,
2022 Political StatementLoosenArtRome, Italy
2021 The 2021 Still Life Exhibition,
2021 Shape In All Its Forms, SITE:BROOKLYN GALLERY, Brooklyn, NY
2021 Photo Not Photo, Truro Center CastleHill, MA
2021 Drawing Challenge's XVI, XV11, XVIII, and XlX Jason McCoy Gallery online, New York, NY
2020 Suffrage and Struggle: Feminist Art and the 19th Amendment Centennial, Dorrance H. Hamilton Gallery,
             Salve Regina University, RI
2020 Spring Flash,  Equity Gallery online
2020 Lost in Isolation, Void Collective online
2020 Visible Invisibility, Angime Magazine
2019 1st Feminnale of Contemporary Art, National Museum of Fine Arts, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
2019 Scavengers, Brooklyn Fireproof, Bushwick, NY
2018 Antwerp 5th Annual Art Book Fair, Belgium
2018 Tributaries, Espaco Espelho D'Agua Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2017 Call and Response: Art as Resistance, Strange Fire Collective, Denver, CO
2016 The (Extra) Ordinaries, Ray Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2016 Changing Circumstances: Looking at The Future of the Planet, in collaboration with Sonia Gil,
             Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery, Fotofest 2016 Biennial, Houston, TX 
2015 Synthetic Zero curated by Mitsu Hadeishi, Bronx Art Space, NY
2015 Me and My Selfie, Photo Center NW, Seattle, WA
2014 Šamorín Art Residency Exhibition, Šamorín, Slovakia
2012 Emerging Artists, Daniel Cooney, New York Fine Art Online Auction
2011 Fluxface in Space on the space shuttle, “Endeavour
2011 Difference?/Similarities!, De Bijl Cultuurhuis, Belgium
2011 What Matter's Most, curated by Amy Lipton, Exit Art Underground, New York, NY
2010 Power to the People, Feature Gallery, New York, NY
2009 A Book About Death, Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, Sao Paulo, Brazil

 Concept 2022, CICA Museum (Czong Institute for Contemporary Art ), South Korea
2022  Splice Festival, Greenpoint, NY
2022 After is Now, The Wrong TV
60 Seconds, Copenhagen, Denmark
2020 World Tour of Universal Feelings: Myths & Conjunctions, “TIME is Love,” curated by Kisito Assangni
2018 'Semi-Finalist' at International Experimental Video & Film Festival, Bilbao Arte, Bilbao, Spain
2018 Nominated “Best Experimental Film”  at the 10th Annual CUNY Film Festival, New York, NY
2016 London Experimental Film Festival
2016 ExCinema, EXQUISITE CORPSE: Grand Illusion Cinema, Seattle, WA; Aichi Triennial, Japan; The Director’s Lounge, Berlin; Other Cinema, San Francisco, CA; Northwest Film Center,  Portland, OR; Echo Park, Chicago, IL
2016 DELETE TV, London
2016 Cine Pobre Film Festival, Mexico
2016 Miniature Film Festival, Vancouver, CA
2016 Film Essay Online

2022 Maintenant 16, A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing & Art , archived at MoMA, Three Rooms Press, New York, NY
2021 Maintenant 15, A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing & Art , archived at MoMA, Three Rooms Press, New York, NY 2020 Maintenant 14, A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing & Art , archived at MoMA, Three Rooms Press, New York, NY
2019 WordPower: Language as Medium, Library X, London, England
2019 Dreams Streams, Clare Songbirds Publishing House, Albany, NY
2019 Maintenant 14, A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing & Art , archived at MoMA, Three Rooms Press, New York, NY
2018 The Penn Review, Issue 50.2
2018 Maintenant 12, A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing & Artarchived at MoMA, Three Rooms Press, New York, NY 
2017 A Feminist Thread
2017 Post Mortem, Mad Gleam Press, Brooklyn, NY
2017 Weathered Reports: Trump Surrogate Quotes From the Underground, Moria Books, Chicago
2016 Maintenant 11, A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing & Artarchived at MoMA, Three Rooms Press, New York, NY
2016 Great Weather for Media Anthology, New York, NY
2016 Float Magazine, New York, NY 
2016 Rogue Agent, Issue 1
2016 Maintenant 10, A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing & Art archived at MoMA, Three Rooms Press, New York, NY 
2015 F-Stop, A Photography Magazine
2015 Columbia University Journal of Art & Literature, “Dream Streams,” New York, NY 
2015 Maintenant 9, A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing & Artarchived at MoMA,Three Rooms Press, New York, NY

2021 Yellow Chair Online Salon and Residency, M. David & Co. Gallery
2018 Urban Dialogues at Espaco Espelho D'Agua Cultural Center, Lisbon, Portugal
2014  Šamorín Cultural Center, Šamorín, Slovakia

[ PRESS ] 
2022 Civil Atrocities Review ” by Urbanautica  
2020 Angime, Visible Invisibility,” by Patricia Coleman
2020 Tussle Magazine, “Exhibition review” by Miklos Legrady     
2020 Colta RU, “Bishkek Feminale: Five Exhibits of the Scandalous Exhibition” 
2019 RogueAgent, “Amy Bassin & Mark Blickley talk about embodiment and the creation of Dream Streams” 
2016 Great Weather for Media, Amy Bassin: "Bandages Needed To Aid In The Recovery Of A Damaging Embrace” 

2009 “Webby” Award 
2004 Experimental TV Center Grant

2020 New York Artists Equity
Co-Founder: Urban Dialogues,© a global social media art collective
Participant in Creative Time’s think tank on innovative interfaces, New York, NY

Museum of Feminist Art, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, São Paulo, Brazil
Film Essay Video Collection

School of Visual Arts, BFA in Fine Arts, Painting

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