SpringBreak NY 2022

Equity Gallery, NY, NY

Juried by Savona Bailey-McClain, Noah Becker, and Melissa Staiger

January 12th - February 5th, 2022
The eighteen artists featured in this year’s show are Amy Bassin, Carol Diamond, Patricia Fabricant, Linda King Ferguson, Susan Hensel, Steven Anthony Johnson II, Toshiko Kitano Groner, Lisa Lebofsky, Carla Lobmier, Christina Massey, Kellyann Monaghan, Susan Reedy, Deborah Sherman, Susan Stillman, Christopher Stout, Sue Strande, Ellen Weider, and Siyan Wong.


A political and environmental publication to help ignite conversations and spread awareness through visual and written poetic responses. 

To purchase:  A.R.T. Zine Issue  8

Online exhibition at Urbanatia.com, What is the Urgency? 

Shape In All Its Forms

In art, shape is both elusive and omnipresent. It structures our optical world but is often forgotten. Focus on it is often neglected in favor of color, concept, tactility, and subject. This show aims to bring shape to the forefront, to highlight its presence and dynamic interaction with subject matter and other formal considerations.

Travel Bans
C'aran D'ache on  maps from the USA Atlas

Notes to the Future

Jason McCoy Gallery is please to present "Drawing Challenge XVI," inspired by an excerpt from Notes to the Future by Patti Smith.   December, 2020

From my series, Civil Atrocities
Archival inkjet print

Photo Not Photo

Truro CastleHill Center for the Arts, curated by Michael David
March 2021

From my series, Civil Atrocities
Archival inkjet print

Time is Love

Speaking in Bootongue and Widow's Peak: The Kiss of Death, were selected to be part of the world-wide video screening tour in  2020, curated by Kisito Assangni. 

Visible Invisibility 

Angime, an international, multilingual, and multidisciplinary literary and artistic journal, published digitally and in print.
Interview with Darya Demidenko
Text  by Patricia Coleman

From my series, Darker Truth
Caran d'Ache in a vintage book,  10"x14," 2020

What I saw of her art showed invisibility in silhouettes of a body and the shape of a head. It appeared to me at battle with the pleasure of being invisible and with putting art in place of an artist’s visibility.   - Patricia Coleman, Curator

Art Residency, Lisbon, Portugal, 2018

On the Tagus River,  I took part in an art residency with my international artist collective, "Urban Dialogues".   This building was a mid-century treasure built for a World's Fair, with a Sol Lewitt wall mural. 

Slovakia Art Residency & Exhibition, 2014

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