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A grid of 16 drawings on maps
Caran D’Ache, color pencil on maps from US Atlas
Overall: 74"x94"  Each map drawing: 17""x22," 2017-2018

"Travel Bans" was inspired after attending a protest at JFK Airport against Trump's Muslim Ban in 2017. As with his Muslim Bans, Americans also face the decline of our civil rights and liberties. We are suffocating from the lack of moral boundaries this administration spreads across our national landscape. 

At a February 29, 2020 campaign rally, Trump proclaimed the coronavirus a hoax. Yet more malevolent travel bans emerged from the Trump administration on March 11th when he announced the banning of all air travel from Europe to the United States but exempted Great Britain and Ireland, which coincidentally are the only European countries where he owns golf resorts. Great Britain had 560 confirmed cases of the infection at the time of his speech.

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