PHOTOGRAPHY Curtains of War
A mixed media photo-based series, Curtains of War, provides a window into the urgent need for peace. 

PHOTOGRAPHY / Familial Ghosts, altered decades-old Kodachrome slides my dad took of family vacations, outings, and parties throughout my childhood.

PHOTOGRAPHY Civil Atrocities
Photography exploring war, violence and social injustices.  

WORKS ON PAPER Meditations on Undefined Distances Between Men and Women
Photomontages (appropriated photo-based collages) addressing gender similarities and differences.  

Feminist drawings, collages and artist books on women's fight for equality. 

WORKS ON PAPER American Civil War 2020 
My prayers for democracy.

WORKS ON PAPER Altared Truths
Redacted Catholic Prayer Cards seeks to raise awareness to the widespread child abuse by the Catholic Church's clergy from the child's point of view.

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