Amy Bassin works inseveral different mediums, including photography, video, drawing, collage withat the intersection between social issues and formalism.  

 Ihave a collagist's mentality that allows me to continually incorporate andinterpret ‘found subjects/objects’ that often have diverse points of view.  Both my digital editions and one-of-a-kind pieces veer between the abstract and figurative.   Another aspect of my work is collaborating with artists andwriters. Collaborations push me in different directions; open up newavenues of expression and often the resulting work is something each one of uscouldn't achieve on our own.  


cut, tear, hammer, collage, glue.
scream, ream, dream.
fry, cry, sigh and fly.
bead, read.
shrink, drink, wink, think.
see, be.
claw, thaw, straw, draw.
saint, taint, paint.
pray, play.
run, fun, done.

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